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Deputy General Director of Alphanam E&C Joint Stock Company Lam Son Tung: "Work to contribute to the community"



Besides manufacturing trade and real estate, few people may know that the mechanical and electrical industry of Alphanam E&C Joint Stock Company is Alphanam's traditional industry. Alphanam Group's development journey goes hand in hand with the proud achievements of the electromechanical industry.

Today, we will meet and talk with Mr. Lam Son Tung - Deputy General Director of Alphanam E&C Joint Stock Company to learn more about the electromechanical industry, about the self-employed sector and about himself - a leader. For a long time, it has rarely appeared on internal communication channels.

Reporter (PV): Talking about the past a bit, what fate brought you to Alphanam's mechanical and electrical industry?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: My relationship with Alphanam started in 2007, when Mr. Bui Hoang Tuan told me about a company called Alphanam that needed a coordinator in the electricity industry. Up to now, I have been with Alphanam for 14 years. I am essentially an "electrician", so all the projects I work on are in this industry. When I first arrived, Alphanam only started with a very small voltage, only up to 35kV. Currently, that number is 500kV.

Reporter: When did Alphanam develop from 35kV to 500kV, sir?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: The time Alphanam developed from 35kV to 500kV was in 2013. Up to now, Alphanam is still one of the strongly developing mechanical and electrical contractors in Vietnam.

Reporter: Looking back over the past time, is there any project that you remember the most and left the deepest impression on you?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: The most decisive project is the 220kV Vinh Long station project and the 500kV My Phuoc - Cau Bong line. These two projects were implemented in 2010 and 2013 respectively. 2010 was the project that marked Alphanam's first entry into the 220kV station market in Vinh Long; The project in 2013 was also another first, but the first time entering the 500kV station market - the highest voltage level in Vietnam currently. These two projects have created favorable momentum for Alphanam E&C's future journey.

I personally receive the absolute trust of Chairman Nguyen Tuan Hai and Mr. Bui Hoang Tuan, who always authorize me to "go to battle" in important bidding sessions. Luckily, I have not betrayed the Board of Directors' trust, as up to now the projects I have brought in have all had good results. In addition, when I close a line or power station for a certain project, the first goal is still to contribute to society.

Reporter: During your 14 years working at Alphanam, has there ever been a time when you felt your will was shaken?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: Sometimes I think about the future. This industry is indeed very important, but if one day the Board of Directors says that it does not want to continue and wants to use resources to develop another industry, it will certainly be a shock to the Self-Employed Sector members. big. I also think a lot. But just a few days ago, I had an appointment with General Director Minh Nhat. Nhat said "I really want to keep this profession!". I replied that I work here because of my responsibility to Alphanam and because I want to contribute to the community, so Nhat can rest assured about my long-term commitment. General Director Minh Nhat and I always have faith in each other. Reporter: So during those 14 years, is there any memory that you remember the most?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: There are so many memories. In 2010 - when Alphanam celebrated its 15th anniversary, we were truly extremely connected. Brothers, sisters, and brothers of the group went to the Opera House to receive medals and then moved by car to Da Nang and shared activities. I keep remembering that connection. After that, I rarely participated in public activities so I may not know much, but if we talk about memories, 2010 will be a memory that I will never forget.

Reporter: You are one of the members who have been with you for over 10 years that the Group paid tribute to at the "Alphanam ¼ century" event in October 2020. This attachment will surely last for a long time to come?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: For someone who has been here for over 10 years, that is a lot. At this point, I can affirm that I have bonded with the people of Alphanam. I have been with Alphanam for 14 years, soon it will be 15 years and more. Recently, General Director Minh Nhat also expressed his desire to develop Alphanam's electricity and water infrastructure. I assured Nhat: "If you give me a task, I will do it and do it well."

I train employees to become versatile people who can multitask. I don't need too many staff, but I need quality people. Currently, the team at the construction site is very proficient, besides working with the bank for payment is also very quick and effective.

Reporter: Because it is the "Self-Employed Sector", the paths and philosophies of the department will be different. However, it is necessary to "match" the Self-Employed Sector with the path Alphanam is taking, with the philosophy of "One step ahead", with operating principles, with mission or with accompanying benefits. How did you "match" those things to continue going on a long journey?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: In fact, wanting to "match" is relatively difficult. There are two parallel paths of Self-Employed and Alphanam, but Self-Employed will always closely follow the traditional values ​​that Alphanam always preserves through the implementation of projects. With projects like An Giang, Sa Pa, Yen Bai, we will participate and participate "deeply". That is the new path of the Self-Employed Sector in the coming time.

In the near future, we will participate in the infrastructure of An Giang and Sa Pa social housing areas. The Self-Employed Sector has planned to implement it and is determined to follow it closely. That is also the answer to the question "to connect or not to connect" and "how to connect". Reporter: That is also a very good plan, helping the Self-Employed Sector to be independent, but also to link with Alphanam through projects. In the next 3-5 years, how will your department develop?

Mr. Lam Son Tung: If we continue on this path, the Self-Employed Division will definitely increase in number of employees. If there was no COVID epidemic in the electricity market in Vietnam, the load would increase by about 15% each year, and with that much investment, there would definitely never be a shortage of work.

Currently, the Proprietary Business Division has 6 people, but in 2020 the revenue reached more than 200 billion, per capita, each person created tens of billions in revenue, and it was also a very difficult year due to COVID. The current staff are all people who have been with me for a long time. It can be said that they have spent their entire youth working with me. Now everyone understands each other very well and thanks to that, work goes more smoothly. When there is work to be done, everyone knows what they need to do, saving a lot of time to do other things.

Mr. Lam Son Tung: I have always had the characteristic of not revealing much. I think that is also an advantage. Well, just give in, whatever doesn't come to you won't be yours. Thanks to this perspective, everything becomes easier, I don't have to hustle too much.

Reporter: Speaking of Deputy General Director Lam Son Tung of Alphanam E&C Joint Stock Company, the word that many people describe him the most is "calm" - a valuable quality. I'm very curious about that calmness. When facing challenges and pressures at work, what makes him so calm? Mr. Lam Son Tung: With the specific nature of technical work, I need to pay attention to principles. But at work, I am a flexible person. I can make decisions very quickly and decisively without delay. There is a memory from a long time ago when I was still working at another business, leading a pile driving company in Quang Ninh and shaking the building next door. As soon as I received information about the compensation, I had my accountant pay it that night, and at the same time wrote a letter promising not to compensate any additional costs. If I had waited until the next morning at that time, I don't know how much more I would have had to pay. Those are the times to be flexible and decisive!

Reporter: Thank you for your sharing, and I wish that the projects and works of Alphanam E&C Joint Stock Company and the Self-Employed Sector that are being implemented and cherished will soon be realized and more successful! We hope that the value of the traditional profession - the mechanical and electrical profession will live forever and last, along with the values ​​that Alphanam always preserves and cherishes!

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